Production Diary

Making Beneath The Harvest Sky has been an incredible journey thus far. It has taught us so much personally and professionally. We hope this production diary will appeal to our wonderful supporters as well as be a useful tool for others in the film industry as we find creative outlets to get us through the production, post-production, and marketing and distribution of Beneath The Harvest Sky. New diary entries will be added regularly so make sure to check back frequently for all the insider stories!

If there are topics you’d like to hear more about in a future diary post, feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can address it here.  Thank you once again for your time and support — we can’t wait to share Beneath The Harvest Sky with you very soon!!

Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly

Directors, Beneath The Harvest Sky


Casting for Beneath The Harvest Sky

This is shaping up to be a big year for the cast of Beneath The Harvest Sky. Key talent in the film will be making a name for themselves in some highly anticipated movies, leading up… Read more »


A Beneath The Harvest Sky Education

As any producer will tell you, finding talent on the producing side is rare. You need a knack for the business and for running around behind the scenes making things happen. When you do find someone… Read more »

terra_deal_banner (1)

Planting the Seeds on a Marketing Deal

Terra Chips, makers of the famous Terra Blues potato chips (the official snack of JetBlue Airways), and Beneath The Harvest Sky have officially announced their partnership which includes working jointly on marketing activities to cross-promote the… Read more »


Jumping into a New Career

Josh LaJoie is a Van Buren, ME native who returned home to work on the movie.  It was his first major film job and wore a number of different hats while on production. As locations manager,… Read more »


Things to Think About Before Production

  During pre-production, directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly and producer Kavita Pullapilly developed some key strategies to most effectively position Beneath The Harvest Sky for success in the marketplace.   In this blog, producer Kavita… Read more »

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Last year, Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly worked with a team from Harvard Business School to develop an innovative strategy for independent filmmakers and studios to work together successfully. Aron and Gita have now begun implementing… Read more »


Finding the Crew

You often hear filmmakers discuss the thought put into and importance of casting, but very rarely do you hear filmmakers discuss the importance of assembling a strong crew.  On an independent film in particular, it is… Read more »


Maine Open Casting Calls

In order to find local actors for some of the film’s secondary roles, Beneath The Harvest Sky held open casting calls in several cities and towns throughout the state of Maine.  Beneath The Harvest Sky Casting… Read more »


Finding the Farm

At the outset of researching for Beneath The Harvest Sky, directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly decided on the town of Van Buren, Maine as the setting for their film.   The next step was to find a farm in town that… Read more »

Water Tower

Finding the Story

Coming off of the success of their award-winning documentary, The Way We Get By, Filmmakers Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly moved to Maine in 2010 to begin researching and writing the script for Beneath The Harvest… Read more »